Perfect Peace

“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3

Read this verse over and over. What is God whispering to you?

This morning God is reminding me that perfect peace flows from trust in Him. I’m still harvesting. I have a good day and then work on equipment the next. I have help this week but I’m already starting out with break downs. My Son-n-law and friends are starting corn with another combine. It is going to be great to have this help if all the equipment holds together. My luck says I will be working on stuff just to keep them going instead of having two combines running at the same time. I will trust that what happens is God’s plan. I just get frustrated that God’s plans don’t take what I want into consideration.

Isn’t that what we do. I will trust as long as it is what I want. That is why peace alludes us. We aren’t willing to give up our desires for God’s desires. We aren’t willing to trust God to the point of not desiring anything other than what He gives us. Every day I harvest at this time of year, is another day that I am behind on other work. We are getting no field work done so I will start planting season behind. I’ve got fence to fix so that we can turn cattle on stalk ground so instead we are feeding hay. If we have a bad winter this could cause a problem because we could run out of hay. I’ve still got record keeping to work on and the holidays are far from my mind because my mind has no room to think about it. It all snow balls from here.

I don’t like being behind. My OCD jumps into hyper drive as things are so out of order. It is hard to trust when your fears come true but that is what faith is all about. Even if the worst happens we trust that God will get us through. The even ifs are what scare me yet that is the times that God will carry us through. So, even if my week is all break downs, even if I’m still harvesting at Christmas, God is still God and I will trust in Him. When we finally come to that kind of trust we will experience perfect peace.

Can you trust the even ifs? Even if your health turns? Even if a loved one dies? Even if your job fails? Even if you miss a meal because of lack of money? Even if… (put in your own fears)? Trust isn’t about the things that we like or want. It is about those times that things don’t go as planned. The times when all we have is God to lean on. In those times we will know perfect peace if we lean on God and God alone.

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