It is Time!

The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!” Mark 1:15

Read this verse over and over. What is Jesus whispering to you?

It is time! That is the whisper I hear this morning. To be honest I have already written a whole page in which I rant about how Christmas is lost in all the marketing and greed or our world, but I deleted it all because it was written in anger. It is time to repent!

The Greek word that Jesus uses for repent is “metanoeo” It means to think differently. It is time to think differently. Are you lost in this world? Repent. Are you wondering what to do? Repent. Are you feeling the pressure of the season? Repent. Are you sad and lonely? Repent. Are you over worked and tired? Repent. Are you scared of what is next? Repent. Whatever your struggle or your situation now is the time to think differently. This is a call by Jesus to change. It is time to trust Him fully and live the life we were created to live. No more fear. No more excuses. No more thinking about yourself. It is time to live for Jesus.

Advent starts Sunday. This is the start of the Church calendar year but more important it is a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus. It is time to change our thinking, so we can fully understand what Christmas is all about. The gifts you are buying are to signify the gift God has given us. A baby with the sole purpose of dying in our place. The most unselfish gift of all. A Savior born in a lowly manger to a virgin. God left His throne to live in our place. To be our substitute. A sacrifice to pay our debt, to save us from ourselves. Is this the attitude you have while you frantically buy Christmas gifts?

Don’t let the expectations of the season pull you away from spending time with God. Meditate on what Jesus means to you. Think about what God did. Ask why? Feel His love. Know His peace. Find His joy. This isn’t done by frantically trying to do everything that this world expects you to do. Slow down. Reflect. Remember what we celebrate. Then pass it on to others. Let God fill you with peace instead of stress. Find joy instead of anger. Reflect on love instead of greed.

Read the Christmas story over and over again. Listen to what God may whisper to you. Reflect on what it all means. Ask who would do this for me? Understand that a God of love gave up everything so that He would not have to go without you in Heaven. Christmas means a promise fulfilled. Love poured out to us. Our lives saved. It is time! Time to change. Time to repent. Time to remember. Time to spend with God. It is time to believe the good news. It is time to tell everyone.

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