God Knows

“In all their distress he too was distressed, and the angel of his presence saved them. In his love and mercy he redeemed them; he lifted them up and carried them all the days of old.” Isaiah 63:9

Read this verse over and over. What is God whispering to you?

God knows your pain. He feels your hurt, your loneliness, your shame. In His love and mercy He as redeemed you. The word for redeemed in our text is the Hebrew word ‘gaal.’ This word is used in reference to the kinship redeem in which a relative would by back property or marry a widow. In our verse it is even more personal. God makes us His children by paying for our sins. Then He carries us for eternity.

As Christmas approaches let us consider what it means. God becomes man so that He can show us how much He loves us. He experiences all that we experience. He can relate because He became us. But He didn’t just stop there. He payed our debt in full so no longer are we owned by our sin. In days of old if you couldn’t pay your debt you were thrown in jail. Think about that, how can you pay a debt in jail. It is hopeless for those who owe much. We are jailed in our sin. We can’t possibly pay that debt but instead of leaving us to our ruin God redeemed us. He bought us. We are now His. Christmas is a celebration of that gift. Are you worthy to receive such a gift?

Of course our answer is no. No one is worthy of such a gift but that is what makes it grace. A free gift given to the unworthy. This gift is lost in a society of entitled people. We too often think it is owed to us. It is hard to comprehend that we don’t deserve it. In our pride we believe we are worthy. In our pride we think we are not only good enough, but we are even better than that. That is the attitude of a lost society.

Our verse is followed by “Yet they rebelled…” (vs 10) Is this our story? Will we accept God’s grace or will we rebel against it? Will we see our need of a Savior and then accept that Savior? Will we repent of our arrogance? Will we repent of our selfishness? I pray the answer is yes. I won’t pretend that it is easy. I struggle with my pride daily.

God knows our struggle. Let Him help you.

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