You, O LORD, Are My Light

“You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” Psalm 18:28

Read this verse over and over. What is the Holy Spirit whispering to you?

We’ve had a couple dreary days now which makes it easy to become down. But we must remember where our light comes from. If we take the NIV translation at face value, we miss the point. For the sake of poetry, the NIV translates this in correctly. It should say something like “You, O LORD, Light my lamp.” Or “set ablaze my candle” The point is with out God we have no light. With that said if we read all of Psalm 18 I don’t think we will miss this point even with the NIV translation.

When ever we feel down. When ever darkness seems to surround us, we need to remember to look to the light. God is light shining all the time everywhere. When we allow God to penetrate our hearts, His light is in us. I don’t have a light, but God can shine through me. He is the only one who can light our candles. He is the only flame that will penetrate the darkness.

This world needs God’s light but it keeps trying to make its own light. There is a challenge going across the internet in which two people are blind folded and must walk across a room with Lego’s and mouse traps on the floor. They must complete a task like taking something to a table or grabbing something from a table and go back and forth several times. I have never done this, but I can tell it is painful. That is what it is like going through life without the light of Jesus. We just keep stepping on mouse traps and Lego’s because without the Light of Christ we are blind.

I am guilty of doing things on my own. Trying to be my own light. Each time I end up doing some stupid things that only later when God’s light shines do I then realize how bad it was. It is time to realize that God is our light. It is time to say “You, O LORD, are my Light.” It is time to let His light shine so we can see in the darkness.

It sounds so simple, yet it is so hard to do. When we are in darkness it seems like there is no way out. Don’t turn inward. Instead look up. Open up instead of shutting down. Come out from behind your walls and see God. Let Jesus help you. He is our hope when there seems to be none. He is our light even when we can’t see Him. Let go of this world. God wants to show us the way. Let Him. Let Him light your candle. Let Him be our light.

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