Go Deeper

“Teach me, O LORD, to follow your decrees; then I will keep them to the end.” Psalm 119:33

Read this verse over and over. What is the Holy Spirit whispering to you?

Our verse this morning is interesting. If you look in the Bible the verse starts with “He” or “Heh.” This is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Psalm 119 is a prayer for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. There is a name for it, but I can’t recall it at the moment. At face value our verse is a nice prayer asking for understanding. But the whisper I hear this morning is “go deeper.”

The prayer for the letter “He” is verses 33 through 40. The Hebrew alphabet is different from the English one. There is a lot of symbolism in it. The letters have meanings beyond the letter. ‘He’ means window. With a window light comes through, wind comes through, but you use a door to enter a house. The window symbolizes God’s light, as Christians we see this as the work of the Holy Spirit. So, the prayer with this letter is for deeper enlightenment. It is more than common knowledge.

It is one thing to be taught the decrees of God, but it is quiet another to follow them. This prayer is calling God to enlighten the psalmist so that he can live out God’s decrees, His law. How can we apply this for us today?

Knowledge is one thing, understanding is another, and application is still another. If we allow God in our heart we will have all three: Knowledge, understanding, and application. We can try to do it our self, but we will just live blind. As the saying goes even a blind squirrel can find an acorn, so even blind humans can do somethings right but without God’s help, with out the help of the Holy Spirit, we can’t live for God. We can’t live in righteousness. Without God we live in sin.

It is understood in Hebrew that if you close the window to your soul you will live in darkness, you will be evil. Don’t close the window. Let the light of Christ shine. Allow the Holy Spirit to do its work in you. Then you will know the ways of God. We will live as God is calling us to live. Don’t live on the surface, go deeper. Pray for God’s light to shine in and through you.

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