“it’s trouble ahead if you’re satisfied with yourself. Your self will not satisfy you for long.” Luke 6:25 MSG

Read this verse over and over. What is the Jesus whispering to you?

This morning the question “where is your satisfaction?” keeps running through my head. Our verse is a warning by Jesus to find satisfaction in Him, not in our situation, or circumstance, or status. It is a call to let go and trust Him.

This goes both ways. If you are satisfied in your circumstances now how will you be later? If you are down and struggling with your circumstances now where is your peace and comfort? Jesus is stable. If we find satisfaction in Him, then we won’t experience the extreme roller coaster of emotions. We will know peace even in the storm.

It is interesting how study after study has shown that your attitude affects your health. If you have a bad attitude toward your circumstances your health will suffer. We found out when my wife went through cancer that the diagnosis was much better if she kept a positive attitude. That is hard to do when you hurt or don’t feel good. It is hard to do when you don’t know the future and the possibilities could be negative. She was able to focus on God, on Jesus. She found joy in Him. She found peace in Him. She found healing in God.

Where is your hope? Where is your satisfaction? Where is your joy? Where is your peace? If you struggle in any of these areas, you need to focus on Jesus. I’m not saying it is easy. It isn’t. We must set aside our selfishness. We must let go of our need for control. We must go against society. We may even have to let go or separate from family members who keep dragging us down or away from God. We must slow down. Spend time in Bible study. Spend time in quiet prayer. Spend time with God. It takes time to build a relationship. It even requires some tough choices, maybe even some work. We have to deny our sinfulness and sacrifice our personal preferences and find our peace and joy in God instead of self or things.

I struggle with trying to find satisfaction in eating. When I am stressed I like to eat. When I am down I like to eat. I gained weight when my wife went through cancer. I am trying to lose that weight and I have lost most of it, but this last bit is a struggle because this time of year is more stressful and a downer to me. The weather is harder to work in. The sun doesn’t shine as much. There are less daytime hours in the day. And it is the end of the year tax and finance stuff. So, I struggle. I just want to sit around watch tv and eat.

When we get down we must push ourselves to do somethings we don’t want to do. We need to be active. The more we lay around the more we want to lay around but if we get up and do things, even if it is just walking, we will get more energy. The most important thing is to look to God. Find books to read that push you to learn more about God. Read the Bible and listen. Write down what you think God is telling. How can you apply what you just read? What is God trying to tell you through His Word. Listen to pod casts from preachers and teachers of the word. This can be done as you drive to and from work. It can be done while you do house hold chores or even while you are at work.

Get together with fellow believers. Having a Bible study or prayer group is important. These people can help you find joy and peace. They can help shoulder your burdens. They can help build you up. Get together with people you can be open and honest with. Talk about God and your relationships with Him. Share things that help each other in times of struggle. Discover Bible verses together that help you through your times of struggle.

The key is don’t turn inward because that will not support you. We were created to need support from others. We are a very social creature. We need a relationship with God and we need relationships with other people. It is amazing. I’ve never been one to seek social connections. It scares me sometimes but that is what helps me. I have found that I need to be around others. Now I am slightly an extrovert. Introverts need people too, but they tend to need more one on one people. We all need that contact with others to help us get through life. In other words, we need to focus outwardly instead of inwardly. We need to find satisfaction in God first and others second then we will know peace, love, and joy.

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