“Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.” Psalm 96:1

Read this verse over and over. What is the Holy Spirit whispering to you?

This morning the Holy Spirit is telling me it is time to sing! I love singing. I do it almost every day. If I’m not singing, I’m listening to songs. But our verse talks about singing a new song. It is a call to go deeper. This seems to be a theme lately. So, lets dive in.

I remember when I was little I would just sing. It wasn’t songs that were known. I would just make something up right on the spot. It would be about what I was doing or how I was feeling at the time. Why did I stop? I always enjoy watching and listening to young kids sing especially when it is made up songs. They are so innocent. There is no rhyme or reason other than it is what is going through their heads. We need to be more spontaneous about our singing to God. I know if we would just burst out in song while at work or in the middle of a crowd people would think we are out of our minds, or would they?

At some point, usually in our teens we become aware of what other people think. Then we start to stress over what other people think. Suddenly how we appear to others matters and we change our lives in order to please others. Most of us will spend the rest of our lives living the life we think other people want us to live in order to gain their approval. It maybe our parents, siblings, church family, neighbors, friends, teachers and you can probably add someone to this list. But do we live for God?

Living for God means living with authenticity. It means living beyond our world view. It means living beyond our self-centeredness. We don’t need to prove anything. Just being who God made us to be. Part of that is praising Him all the time. Becoming kids again by just bursting out in praise and thanksgiving to God not caring what other people think. Singing a song that no one has song before expressing our love of God. That is what the Psalms are. Expressions of our love and understanding of God, to God as prayers in the form of songs. They came from spontaneous singing.

Just thinking about it has me nervous. I write songs, but they usually come after brutal and long attempts of trying to find the perfect words. What if I just sang? What if you just sang? What if we just sang from the heart new songs to God? Don’t worry about it being good enough. Don’t worry about it rhyming or falling into any particular pattern. Just sing. Sing from the heart. Sing with joy. Sing like a kid again.

To be honest as I think about it I feel silly. I think too often we make our relationship with God out to be too formal. It needs to be personal. It needs to have feeling. That may be feeling silly at times. It may be serious other times. But it is a relationship that is open and alive. A relationship that is comfortable singing even if our voice sounds bad or we have no rhythm. Even if we can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Let go of control and burst forth a new song. Sing!

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