Are You Thirsty?

“To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life.” Revelation 21:6

Read this verse over and over. What is God whispering to you?

Are you thirsty? Of course, it is not a physical thirst but a spiritual thirst. The question is do you thirst for God? Do you thirst to know Him? If you do God promises to give you drink. If you want to know God and want to be closer to Him, He will draw you in and fill you.

Yesterday we worked cattle, we also worked cattle the previous Monday. Both days went well, and I am glad it is over. Now I move on to getting stuff ready to wean calves. We have had years that weaning calves has been bad. Cows get in with the calves and we have to separate them several times. We have had calves get sick and loose up to a quarter of the herd. So over time we have developed a way that works better than all the others we have tried. We wanted to figure out a way to make things better. We thirsted for more.

Our spiritual journey is more important than how we wean calves. Yet how many of us put the extra effort into learning more about God? How many of us thirst for Him? To be honest I can’t remember a time that I didn’t thirst for God. I can remember as a kid wanting to hear the stories of the Bible. But I had a thirst for knowledge. I didn’t understand there was more. Knowledge is one thing. We can know about God through study and reading and hearing the message but to know God is another thing. God reveals Himself through prayer. Prayer is our relationship with God. If you thirst, God will fill you. If you thirst you will pray. Pray for God to fill you with Him. Pray to know God. Pray to hear God. Listen for His voice.

If we stop and think just a little bit I think you will realize there is more. There is something deep inside that wants more. That is our thirst. The key is understanding what will fill it. What will fill that emptiness inside? Some people try to fill it with all kinds of things, work, drugs, alcohol, sex, money, power, stuff and so on. The key is realizing the only thing that can fill that hole is God. Our pride doesn’t want to admit that we need God. So, we try to appease ourselves. We try to do things in our control which only leads to us wanting more. Nothing will satisfy that yearning except God. King Solomon explains it in Ecclesiastes. Everything else is vanity. He tried everything only to discover that God is the only thing we really need. The only thing that brings us relief. That gives us peace.

Come to the well. Come to God. Let Him fill you. Let Him lead you to the eternal fountain. Drink from the everlasting water. Drink from the spring of life.

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