Whom Shall I Fear?

“The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.” Psalm 34:7

Read this verse over and over. What is the Holy Spirit whispering to you?

This morning the whisper in my ear is “whom shall I fear?” Our verse comes from a Psalm of David during a time of turmoil in which the Lord our God saved Him. His Son Abimelech just took over his kingdom as a consequence of David’s sin. But God didn’t allow him to be killed but spares his life. David gave into temptation and took Bathsheba. He committed adultery and to cover it up he had her husband killed. When confronted David pleaded for forgiveness and God forgave him but not without facing the consequences of his sin.

Being a person of God doesn’t exempt us from temptation. It doesn’t mean we won’t sin. It means that we live in grace. That we seek God and fall at the mercy of His forgiveness when we do sin. But it also means we still live with the consequences of our sin. Some sin caries great consequences and others are subtle, depending on the sin. Living in our own will can destroy our lives and those around us. King David was humiliated by his Son who took over the kingdom and slept with David’s wives. It led to hardship on David as he lived in exile. But he didn’t blame God, instead he continued to worship and seek God’s will. And God protected him and restored his kingdom.

Being a person of God, loving God with all our heart, doesn’t shield us from our own decisions. It doesn’t keep us from experiencing all the horror of this sin filled world. But it does protect our soul from destruction. We will live on with God. The key is seeking Him. Letting God be our fortress, our protector. It means relying on Him instead of our own will.

I don’t know what you are going through. Don’t place blame but accept your circumstances and pray for God to help you through it. God doesn’t rule the earth with an iron fist. He allows us to be participants in His creation. This means we are capable of sinning. He didn’t leave us to die in our sin. Instead He sent us help in a Savior. This means we are saved! Sin doesn’t have to kill our souls. It is just a momentary weakness and hardship that if we reject it and put our trust in God, it will pass.

I can’t tell you why we suffer. I know that Jesus said we will. I know that suffering can bring us closer to God if we allow it. I know that suffering gives us connection with others. It gives us credibility in this sin filled world. I also know that God is our comfort and our salvation. We will live with Him in heaven. Whom shall I fear? Only the God who has control over my soul. For through His grace I am saved. Without that grace I die.

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