Be Different

Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but to trust the LORD means safety.” Proverbs 29:25 NLT

Read this verse over and over. What is God whispering to you?

I have been watching the TV series “A.D. Kingdom and Empire” also known as the “A.D. the Bible Continues” on Netflix. It was originally run in 2015. I missed it back then. It is good. This Proverb seems to remind me of some of it. So many of the bad decisions by many leaders of the day seem to miss the point of this proverb. They make decisions based on their fear of what the people are going to do and think, instead of doing the right thing. In the end they only make things worse. It is the curse of the power thirsty.

Our proverb points out that safety is only found in our Lord, in God. We can’t earn it from people. We can’t earn it by our quest for power. Let’s look at this proverb a little closer. “Fearing people is a dangerous trap.” To start the word used for fear can also be translated to anxiety. Both words contradict faith in God. The word for trap is a word used to describe a noose for catching animals or a hook in the nose. Think about this. See the mental picture here. When we act because of fear of people we are caught by them. They now control us. We are no longer free. It is like the traps that the devil sets for us. The word for trust paints a picture of refuge. Trust in God is a fortress where we can’t be harmed.

The obvious question is would you rather be in a noose or pulled by a nose hook or would you rather be protected by a fortress?

God is more. He is more than any person can give us or do to us. The TV series I’m watching follows the Book of Acts. It also shows the historical stuff that happened to Jerusalem in that same time period. Followers of Jesus were persecuted. Some cowered in fear and hid and some were very courageous and faced the penalty. Those who stood courageous made the biggest impact on those who didn’t believe. Often throughout history Christianity grew the fastest when it was persecuted. The key is believers acted different. They have hope. That hope gave courage. It gave them a peace that others watching wanted.

People of the world are afraid. There is no hope, only fear. It isn’t fun to be in fear all the time. We can free them from that. We know Peace. We know love. Both of which can’t be felt if we are lost in fear. Do people see the peace of Christ in you? Do they see something that they want? Or do they see someone who fears what others think; someone trying to climb the latter, thirsting for power? As Christians we are to be different. This doesn’t mean we won’t have positions of power. It means we won’t play the games of the world to get there. Be different. Let the Peace of God shine through you. Trust God so that fear has no control over you.

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